Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Newest addition!

Several weeks ago, I found myself downtown near our local "Goodwill". My well-trained 7 year old begged to go in. What could a mother do? Of course I obliged him! To any of my dear, loved friends that know me well, you know my passion for old things...particularly old dishes.
I was looking through the children's clothing when I heard the rattle of glassware. I dashed...almost embarrassingly unrestrained over to the glassware. There a lady was loading up on some non-descript 80's or 90's square soup bowl sized pyrex. Nothing like I collect. As I wondered away from her buggy, I wondered what I would have done if she had a buggy full of desireables. I conviced myself that I simply would have shared in her joy and congratulated her! About that time, as I was evaluating the cause of my impulsiveness to check in on the other dish shopper.....there on the shelf I found the loaf pan. Not just any loaf pan, but a white milk glass with tuquoise flowers. It is a beauty indeed! At moments like these, I thank my Lord for letting me find it! Yet just another one of my life's simple pleasures!

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