Saturday, March 7, 2009

Repurposed corn cobs

Ok, I know all the nutrition is in the peel, but to be honest...I don't like the peel. And after trying to get the kiddos to eat it and finding that they had spit it out randomly throughout the house...I have conceded and I peel apples. I rationalize it. The waxy polish on the apples can't be great for them anyway. And the know....I can be a push over!

I was rather amazed a few days ago when the 3rd of 3 in the man clan requested the corn cob holders. Many years ago I attended a course regarding organization...the lady was rather comical regarding having items in the kitchen which only have one use and she was brutal regarding the corn cob holders. Being that the man clan has always been so enamored by the sports themed corn cob holders which I possess, I had never decluttered to the extent of ridding my drawer of these. I have news for her! It is my pleasure to declare the corn cob holders a multi use item!!!! Thank you, my dear, MLC 3rd of 3!

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Viki said...

Those little minds are always working aren't they?!!!!

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