Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Recital 2nd year!

Yesterday was the marking of yet another parenthood milestone...year 2 of violin! Yes, yesterday was once again recital day! I am amazed that I still relive the recital "butterflies" of so many years ago! The story of my one and only recital I shared this time last year. The boys have worked very hard this year. Many hours of practice have yielded results that this momma and their daddy is rather proud to share. Both video clips start a few measures into their piece of music. I suppose I was waiting to receive the nod before they started...I did not get it...therefore the recordings I got are as good as it gets... Maybe someday my artistry in filming may just come close to their artistry of the violin! Boys, we are so proud of your hard work! Many thanks to their instructor, Mrs. Stark, their Philharmonic conductor, Alex Zacharias, their great uncle their inspiration and encourager to pursue violin, and last but not least the true musician in the house..their Daddy that has spent countless practice sessions counting out their pieces of music beat by beat over and over again. And thank you to both of you boys...for all the hours of practice that has been far better than any "Baby Einstein" video for your brother, MLC 3rd of 3, who goes throughout the day humming classical numbers he has heard you practicing!

Great job, guys!

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Kelly said...

ok, that was beautiful! have me crying already this morning! great job boys. couldn't be more proud of my brothers!


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