Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Milk Men Calling


Yesterday MLC had the pleasure of having a friend over to play. When I say pleasure, I mean it causes him to truly shudder with delight at the prospect of socialization! You can say now that I have given birth to 2 of a kind. JOC thrives on the socialization as well. I foresee many busy days ahead:-) I love it though. Not much pleases me more than seeing my children enjoy playtime with friends. It is facinating to watch the interaction and frankly, somewhat energizing!

MLC son 3of 3 and MT son of LeahBelle found my, yes my, toy stash (there are more where this came from). You know it goes back to my love of things old,....dishes and now you know it extends to toys. This set of milk jugs has entertained MLC for two days now. Seeing him play with them takes me back to the many hours of imaginative play I enjoyed so many years ago. Do any of you still have a favorite toy from your childhood?


Viki said...

He is growing up way to fast!

Leah Belle said...

cute, cute boys! i'm glad they get along so well!

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